How to transfer file from Android To Pc without USB cable

Hey Guys, welcome to my blog techroot69 in this tutorial I am gonna show you how you can transfer file from your android to pc without any USB cable.
Sometimes we all have in situation that we don't have any USB cable and we want to share out file to our android to pc so this alternative we surely help you


  • Android Phone.
  • PC or Laptop.
  • Any Browser must be installed in your laptop or pc.
  • WIFI connection.
So these are some requirements you need to complete the process. You must have to follow my describe procedure to successfully file transfer. So without any further delay lets start.

How to transfer files from pc to android.

  • First of all turn on WIFI of your android device and connect your laptop/pc
  • After that download "Software Data Cable"  application in your android device

    • 6) You will see you all files and folders of your Android phone in browser after going to that URL.
    • 7) Select the files you want to copy in PC and click on it, it will start downloading into your PC.


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